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The Cloud-Based Control Panel for
Effortless Web Server and Domain Management.

The only Control Panel with Full Support for High-Availability Clustering and Auto Scaling.

Works with any server provider and offers built in integrations with major IaaS platforms

5 minutes cluster setup

We offer the fastest way to build a full High Availabilty Cluster in just 3 simple steps

Never worry about your website performance, availability and scalability again.

Seamlessly deploy and manage websites on a cluster. Achieve unmatched performance, reliability, and fault tolerance. Scale effortlessly to meet growing demands and traffic spikes.

Effortless Managed

By adopting the ClusterCS Control Panel, organizations can achieve cost reduction, operational efficiency, and enhanced infrastructure performance and availability.

Manage unlimited domains, databases and users.

Experience unmatched flexibility and scalability with ClusterCS Control Panel. A simplified workflow for managing domains, databases, and users allows organizations to focus on what truly matters.

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New Major Version Set to Launch Soon!
Discover the New and Enhanced Features Available Below!

Effortless Web Cluster Deployment

Automate Web Cluster Setup and Scaling with Advanced Cloud Integration.


Expanded OS

Seamlessly Integrate Distributed Data Stores, High-Performance Web Servers, and Scalable Application Runtimes into Your Projects.

Automate Web Cluster Setup and Scaling with Advanced Cloud Integration.

Vmware Cloud
Director integration



Full Domain

No Limits, No Code

Harness the power of customization by building your own cluster templates using our intuitive NoCode platform.

Monitoring and



Single Servers

per server / month



See all available features here



per node / month
Single servers +
Please note that the hosting provider charges separately for infrastructure. Our cost covers only the ClusterCS Management panel

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About ClusterCS

ClusterCS began as an in-house project 10 years ago, focusing on simplifying the setup and management of web server clusters. Today, it has grown into a highly successful commercial product with over 10,000 users effectively managing clusters consisting of more than 100 nodes. These clusters host websites that receive a daily view count of over 40 million.

In partnership with the European Regional Development Fund ClusterCS continues to expand its reach and enhance its offerings. By leveraging the resources provided by ERDF, ClusterCS aims to further optimize its product and add new capabilities, ensuring an even more seamless experience for users in managing their web server clusters.

This collaboration enables ClusterCS to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Project co-financed through the European Regional Fund through the Operational Competitivity Program 2014 - 2020