Database Scalability with ClusterCS for more Business Performance


Build high traffic and high availability server Clusters.


Database scaling is a must for online businesses and websites when traffic outgrows possibilities of simple server architectures.
If the database underperforms, applications slow down, becoming a bottle-neck. Eventually your web-apps will become unavailable, and your business will encounter loses.


Opt for web server clustering and database scalability with ClusterCS and keep your website performing. Server clustering is the most efficient way to ensure stability and scalability for your website / web-app during high traffic events.

Cluster CS is a powerful Clustering tool

Let’s cluster your servers together.

ClusterCS provides scalability and high availability for your infrastructure by supporting MySQL Cluster and Maria Galera Cluster. You can easily build the configuration needed from a simple to use GUI interface. Our support team is always available if you need help.

ClusterCS offers redundant and scalable configurations on top of your existing infrastructure. We are data-center and hosting provider agnostic as long as you provide more servers for the new cluster. With the monitoring capabilities you get a quick overview on the cluster's health so you can add more servers if needed .

Mysql-Cluster: A distributed open-source relational database management system. Distribution of reads and writes across servers makes this product one of the best candidates for high traffic systems such as advertising platforms, payment systems, telecom operations.

Maria Galera Cluster: A true Multimaster Cluster based on synchronous replication, and a high-availability solution for a high-system uptime. Distribution of database reads ensure an easy scaling solution for websites that need to adapt to traffic changes with maximum compatibility with common MySQL databases. Ideal for e-commerce websites, large entertainment websites or high traffic blogs. It’s also the perfect alternative for a high-availability system to ensure that a hardware failure keeps your database system operational.


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ClusterCS is a unique Control Panel that manages the setup, scalability, and monitoring of all the major components needed for a highly available website.


Check out how Cluster CS’ features impact the dynamics of your website and business. Our core activities rely on automation, permanent monitoring, and 24/7 support.


Clustering Tool

Powerful high traffic and high availability clusters with a few clicks. Add or remove easily servers when needed.


Website speed booster

Powerful request routing feature based on HAProxy. Nginx, Lighttpd, Apache with optimized content serving and caching.


Server Configuration

Server automation is the new trend. A setup wizard which helps you easily install and configure the modern software.


Monitor and self-healing

Your services are able to self-heal when actively monitored. They restart in case of errors and alerts.


24/7 support

Behind Cluster CS automation lies a sysadmin specialist who can answer your questions and offer support.