Development Environments


Save time and avoid risks by creating development environments where changes are made,
tested and then migrated to Production!


Our powerful feature for DevOps called Development Environments (Dev Env) removes the time-consuming action of creating another version of your domain for testing, CMS version updates, plug-in updates or any other code changes that might be necessary.


A development environment is a separate instance of your website’s code and database. A ClusterCS domain comes by default with a single “Production” environment which is the live website / app visitors see.

Multiple development environments can be additionally created so that new features, bug fixes or optimizations can be developed and tested/QA’d behind the scenes and pushed to Production only when the proper checks have been implemented.

Clone Environments ClusterCS

Automate your development workflow!

Create and migrate between live and development environments from an intuitive user interface while working under the same domain URL

Time is valuable!

A process that can often take a few hours, can now be done within a few minutes by developers and non-technical people alike.


Developer friendly feature!

You have the option to Clone, Merge and Push updates for your domain at a click of a button! GIT support is integrated as well for DevOps

Avoid putting the business at risk, increase your uptime and visitor’s experience!

ClusterCS can keep track of files, databases and automatically update configuration files with environment specific values thus avoiding human error.

Why choose us?

  • ClusterCS is keeping a generic approach to the setup of development environments so that it works with any type of CMS, framework or platform. The current options on the market today are focused on WordPress and Drupal in general and lack support for other types of scripts.

  • Our “Tracked Items” can be used to alter any configuration files with environment specific values, making sure that you are not vendor-locked-in.

  • On top of that, all our services come along with assistance from our Support Teamwhich is available 24/7 and is always ready to help you!

As part of Development Environments, you will now have access to another feature called Installers.

Installers allow you to simply select any of the popular supported apps to install to your domain - all via the intuitive ClusterCS Control Panel

Environments Package Installer Select ClusterCS

Extra benefits from ClusterCS?

Easily manage development environments like a pro. Clone production domains for dev teams with Git support, and staging environments for your QA team to test before pushing changes back to production, while automating tracked items with variables.

Easily add and manage a single server (domains, SSL, emails), or a multitude of servers for cluster environments with load balancing and high availability

Be ready when you need to scale your project across multiple servers for high availability or even down-scale after that Black Friday day

ClusterCS Control Panel runs as a SaaS in the Cloud, thus not consuming resources of your server, thus being agnostic to your server

Easily install and manage popular apps, beyond Wordpress, Drupal, etc, all from the ClusterCS Control Panel

Want to be sure you have support from a skilled team of experts and SysAdmins to help you troubleshoot or plan your next big project

Manage complex setups with caching, database clustering, distributed file systems with a few clicks.