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Get Started

How can I get started with ClusterCS?

After registering an account, you will be able to start using ClusterCS straight away . The first step in using the control panel is to add a server to you ClusterCS account. Follow the: Add a single server to tutorial to get started

What OS / Linux Distribution does ClusterCS support?

ClusterCS system supports CentOS 6/7, RHEL 6/7 and Amazon Ami.

Does upgrading my OS version break a ClusterCS instance?

Upgrading your OS to a minor version won't affect your ClusterCS setup on the server nor its capabilities. However as a safety measure a server back-up is recommended.

How does ClusterCS work?

ClusterCS is a SaaS cloud based control panel. It deploys an agent that communicates between your server and the management engine through SSH, and does not require any server pre-install, making it easy to manage and monitor your web server.

All the configurations are done using standard configuration files without any vendor lock in options

What services does ClusterCS install on my server?

The standard server recipe that ClusterCS recommends is called Smart web server (optimized LAMP). The recipe installs the following services on your server: Apache, Lighttpd, NGNIX, mySQL, etc. You can learn more about our recommended server recipes reading the following article: Introducing Smart web server (optimized LAMP)!

Alternatively learn more about the services you can access with ClusterCS here: ClusterCS Features

What's included in a ClusterCS free account?

The free ClusterCS account offers the possibility of managing and configuring one single server and 5 domains. More references about our available plans can be found under Plans Comparison

How is a Free account different from a paid account?

A paid license allows you to add, manage and configure more than one server and more than 5 domains on your ClusterCS account.Depending on license, the paid account offers the user access to premium technical support, offers quicker response to tickets and includes multiple website optimizations, clustering assistance and technical assistance with server and website issues.

Domain Management

Does ClusterCS offer domain management?

Yes, ClusterCS can help you manage multiple domains from a single ClusterCS interface. See how you can add a domain to your ClusterCS account by following the following tutorial: Managing subdomains in ClusterCS

Does ClusterCS offer technical support?

Yes, ClusterCS offers technical assistance to its users. Our team is at your service 24/7 offering you assistance via tickets, email. Visit our support page to learn more about our support subscriptions: Support Page

How can I get an SSL certificate for my website with ClusterCS?

ClusterCS has an easier to use feature called One Click Let's Encrypt. Users can add Let's Encrypt certificates to their websites in a few clicks, learn how here: Install SSL Certificates

Also, ClusterCS allows the use of different type of certificates or certificates previously purchased by users. Learn how to configure those here: Configure certificates

*ClusterCS has an automatic certificates renewal process as well.

What type of caching does ClusterCS offer for my website?

ClusterCS offers users access to a caching feature called Speed. Using this tool, users can create smart caching rules for their websites. Learn more here: Boost your speed


What is clustering? Can I make a cluster out of two servers?

A server cluster is a collection of servers, called nodes that communicate with each other to make a set of services highly available to clients. ClusterCS automates the entire process of creating a server cluster making the process easier and more efficient for the users.

What is High Availability Clustering?

High availability clustering is a method used to minimize downtime and provide continuous service when certain system components fail.

Can I create Database Clusters?

ClusterCS provides scalability and high availability for your infrastructure by supporting MySQL Cluster and Maria Galera Cluster.

How can I get started with Clustering?

In order to use our Clustering tool, you just need to purchase cluster server licenses from our licensing page.

Each cluster server license can act as a node in your web cluster.

What if I need more help implementing a clustering solution?

Our team offers free Clustering Consultancy and a free demo for users that are interested in starting with Clustering. You can request a consultancy or demo contacting us.

Alternatively, you can learn more on how to create a cluster with ClusterCS here: How to make a cluster with ClusterCS


How do I cancel my subscription? What happens when I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription from your ClusterCS account homepage (you must be logged in) by clicking the Manage Plan button then select the Request Cancellation button.

If you request the cancellation of your ClusterCS account, our support team will process your request in 24-48h and your account and data will be deleted.

If you request account cancellation make sure that you saved all the data that was processed throughout your time using ClusterCS for your assets.

ClusterCS cannot be held responsible for the data loss that can occur by clients requesting account cancellations. The user is responsible of managing his data and assets properly before requesting that their account to be terminated.

Can I have multiple licenses on my ClusterCS account?

At the moment the multi-licensing feature is in the works. Updates coming soon.

How do I upgrade my existing account?

You can upgrade your account by going to your account dashboard (you must be logged in) and click the Upgrade button and choose the upgrade you desire to do.

Do I have access to Technical Support Assistance with a free account?

Yes, all the users with free accounts have access to our Technical Support through the ticketing system. The wait is bigger than it is for a paid account, paid accounts having priority in answers and assistance.

What are the extra services that ClusterCS offers?

ClusterCS offers technical assistance with all the server, domain, clustering aspects, paid accounts though having access to a more hands-on technical support service.

Besides the technical support, our team offers you consultancy and demos.

For any questions and issues you can contact our team