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Build high traffic and high availability server Clusters.


Clustering configuration is as simple as adding a Single Server.
Add as many servers as you want from our friendly GUI Control Panel, and experience different Cluster Architectures.


Would you like a fully automated setup and configuration for your servers?

Our experienced IT professionals offer you all the support.
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Choose HA Clustering with ClusterCS

Whether you have a large or a small business, keep up the pace with the market and configure high availability
clusters to obtain more scalability, maximum performance, and uptime for your website.

Improve your processes, minimize failures, and become more profitable.

Here is how ClusterCS can help your organization:


Higher Availability

Clustering is the best solution when your servers experience malfunctions or failures. Errors won't affect or interrupt the wellbeing of your business. No severe damage could happen to your website and systems, and when the problem gets fixed, everything will get back to normal before a user or a visitor notices something.

More Scalability

Server Clusters always offer you scalability. With ClusterCS, you can manage all your virtual and dedicated servers from a single interface. Add or remove servers when and where needed and scale your application or database cluster to match your traffic requirements.


More Performance

We believe in maximum performance and maximized uptime. If your business requires high-traffic apps, large databases, and complex programs, network performance will become a challenge. That is why clustering systems balance the workflow and provide high-speed responses.

Easier maintenance

Automation resolves tedious setup and monitoring tasks for a cluster server system but going even further, should your hardware encounter issues, remove and fix or replace the failed system without causing downtime to your web apps.


Configure your High Availability Cluster

Follow the next two simple steps, and get the so needed stability of your online


Add your server's credentials to form your ClusterPool


Configure your Cluster architecture with our modular layers of service


See what else ClusterCS has to offer

Let's Cluster your servers together and check out how ClusterCS' features and High Availability Clustering directly impact the dynamics of your website and business. Our core activities rely on automation, permanent monitoring and 24/7 support.


Development Environment

Automate your development workflow by creating and switching between live and development environments while working under the same website URL.


Website speed booster

Powerful request routing feature based on HAProxy. Nginx, Lighttpd, Apache with optimized content serving and caching.


Server Configuration

Server automation is the new trend. A setup wizard which helps you easily install and configure the modern software.


Monitor and self-healing

Your services are able to self-heal when actively monitored. They restart in case of errors and alerts.


24/7 support

Behind ClusterCS automation lies a sysadmin specialist who can answer your questions and offer support.