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ClusterCS is an amazing tool. Partnering with even greater people and business is what we look for everyday! As long as you operate in the online business, we can find creative solutions to collaborate and build solid relationships.

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Redirect Potential Customers to you

Big Resale discounts

Recurring sales commissions

Great Support Services

Technical cooperation with our team

Feature requests priority

Marketing on ClusterCS Website, case studies and videos

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Internet Service Providers


Cloud Operators

Hosting providers

Digital agencies




Say hello to our partners!


UpCloud is a European cloud hosting company offering the world’s fastest cloud servers on an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service platform for the most business-critical customers.

UpCloud was recently chosen as the #1 cloud provider in Europe when it comes to price/performance ratio making their cloud the perfect fit for any website, e-commerce site or application looking for a boost in overall performance.


MooseFS is a Cluster file-system that eliminates points of failure for mission-critical applications with High Availability and High-Performance requirements.

MooseFS enables a virtually limitless storage space and it is designed to support high performance I/O operations. Server failures are handled transparently with a multi-master architecture which allows continuous operations of the storage system.


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