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Website Speed Booster (Speed)

Optimize content serving and caching with our powerful request routing feature based on HAProxy. Nginx, lighttpd, apache - they all can work for your domain

Smart web services

Run various technologies in parallel for the same domain with a simple point and click request routing interface

Domain management

Easily add and manage domains and their related functionality - databases, emails, crons, dns, backups

Server configuration

Developers follow trends, so should server automation. The simple setup wizard will let you easily install and configure modern software

Simple interface

It really is easy to deploy from simple setups to large clusters. Simple interfaces will let you configure powerful and reliable automation

Multiple PHP versions

Each domain can run it's own PHP version. Plan ahead your upgrade path while keeping your production site going.

Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's encrypt SSL is a click away for each website. Simple generation and renewal for let's encrypt certificates for each websites.

Server Reports

Essential server readings and alerts help you oversee availability but also to track down problematic performance in your scripts

Monitor and Healing

Your critical services are actively monitored and restarted when needed with full alerts regarding performance and actions taken

Backup Manager

Keep your data safe with regular backups on custom schedules locally or on 3rd parties for maximum safety

Clustering tool

Build powerfull high traffic and high availability clusters with a few simple clicks with easy adding or removal of server when needed

Works on the following Linux Distributions

CentOS redhat amazon webservices

Save countless hours on configuring modern services

You can customize your own recipes in seconds


The amazing web server! Benefit from amazing speed improvements with nginx being a core concept inside ClusterCS


The heavy duty workhorse of the internet can now be linked with other smart services for easy optimizations


Many caching functions rely on speed boosts from memcache. Enjoy automated and hassle free deployment


Core of many websites, can now be automatically managed for advanced configurations such as replication or clustering


Multi PHP versions available per site. Upgrade your scripts without affecting other sites on same server


For more advanced workloads Redis is also present as a replicated caching option.

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