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Control Panel with Powerful HA Clustering

We think DevOps and Scaling should be Easy
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Works with any Cloud Provider

Digital Ocean Amazon web services Google cloud platform Vultr

All web
hosting companies*

Get access to Amazing Features

Reseller Addon New

Rent-out resources on your server or Cluster to website owners with control panel access. The reseller addon allows for permission-based access for customers to specific areas along with quota management.

Website Speed Booster (Speed)

Optimize content serving and caching with our powerful request routing feature based on HAProxy. Nginx, lighttpd, apache - they all can work for your domain

Development Environments

Automate your development workflow. Create and migrate between live and development environments while working under the same website URL

Domain management

Easily add and manage domains and their related functionality - databases, emails, crons, dns, backups

Server configuration

Developers follow trends, so should server automation. The simple setup wizard will let you easily install and configure modern software

Multiple PHP versions

Each domain can run it's own PHP version. Plan ahead your upgrade path while keeping your production site going.

Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's encrypt SSL is a click away for each website. Simple generation and renewal for let's encrypt certificates for each websites.

Monitor and Healing

Your critical services are actively monitored and restarted when needed with full alerts regarding performance and actions taken

Clustering tool

Build powerfull high traffic and high availability clusters with a few simple clicks with easy adding or removal of server when needed

Works on the following Linux Distributions

CentOS redhat amazon webservices

Save countless hours on configuring modern services

You can customize your own recipes in seconds


The amazing web server! Benefit from amazing speed improvements with nginx being a core concept inside ClusterCS


The heavy duty workhorse of the internet can now be linked with other smart services for easy optimizations


A file-system that eliminates points of failure for mission-critical applications with High Availability setups.

MYSQL Cluster       MariaDB

MySQL Cluster & Maria Galera DB with high availability and data replication for improved business growth.

PHP     php-fpm

Multiple PHP versions available per domain basis. Highly customizable, allowing implementation for high-performance applications.

Varnish cache

Caching HTTP reverse proxy installed in front of any server that caches the content and highly improves performance.

We keep our pricing Competitive

by offering low entry costs and highly efficient solutions for large setups

Entreprise level solution for small & medium online business

ClusterCS is ready to take care of all your requirements no matter the complexity of
your desired server infrustructure.

What are our Clients saying?

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    The ClusterCS team is an extension of our team. We never worry about downtime or security issues because we have full confidence in their management and support. The thing that really sets them apart is their response time and attention to detail.
    Debra Winter
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    The ClusterCS team has been very helpful and it was really easy to get started with them. They helped a great deal with the initial server setup so it was a breeze! Also they are quick to respond to any questions & feedback in chat and via tickets and if there's any problem they will provide with a solution in no time! I'm not used to this level of service from any other provider so I can heartily recommend ClusterCS.

    ClusterCS is also a good and a cost effective solution for a single server deployment to easily setup everything you need for your server, it's not only for clusters!
    Petteri Pucilowski
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    5 stars! Wonder why? Simple. They have excellent support, their product is blazing fast, they handle the entire software on the server while you can work on your business or ... just relax I guess.

    I've been using ClusterCS for the past 6 - 7 months and it really was the best business decision I've took. Now I can just focus on my websites and really be creative, without having to worry about the server, the configuration, the security etc.
    Ioan Mihai

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