MooseFS Distributed FileSystem


We are proud to be able to provide a Fully Automated High Availability setup!


ClusterCS is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with MooseFS to provide automated management for filesystems.
High Availability on a filesystem level is now provided with the help of MooseFS in order to achieve redundancy and provide complete High Availability solutions.


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How does MooseFS integrate with ClusterCS?

Files will be stored and shared across servers with at least one replica. Depending on the number of replicas, at least one server can fail without any failure for the entire cluster.

The advantage of our partnership with MooseFS is that we can provide the PRO version which enables for touch-less interaction within the infrastructure. In cases of a point of failure on a Master server, the system will automatically promote a Master Follower server to Master, while the data is synced all around the functional servers to ensure your availability.

Management Interfaces

MooseFS Management Interface

What can you achieve?

Here is how ClusterCS can help your organization:


Higher Availability

No Single Point of Failure a.k.a SPOF-less configuration. Metadata of the file system is kept in two or more copies on physical redundant servers. User data is redundantly spread across the storage servers in the system.

High Performance

ClusterCS helps you deploy and scale new HA Clusters with ease, along with the opportunity to manage all your servers from a single interface. The usefulness of MooseFS within HA Cluster is that user data can be read/written simultaneously on many storage nodes, thereby avoiding a single central server or single network connection bottlenecks.



Storage can be extended up to 16 exabytes (~16000 petabytes), and up to 2 billion files.


All the system components are redundant and in case of a failure, there is an automatic failover mechanism that is transparent to the user.


Rolling Upgrades

Ability to perform one-node-at-a-time upgrades, hardware replacements, and additions, without disruption of service. This feature allows you to maintain hardware platform up-to-date with no downtime.

Big Data

The MooseFS storage software is designed for Big Data support. MooseFS enables a virtually limitless storage space to support the most demanding distributed workloads.