ClusterCS License Pricing

A ClusterCS license gives you access to a management dashboard where you can manage multiple server, clusters and websites. The total monthly cost for the license if flexible based on how many single servers, cluster member servers and additional features you select bellow.

$7.00 / mo for each stand-alone server

Manage single servers

One or more websites can be deployed and have access to the single server services and resources.
Multiple stand-alone servers can be managed under this ClusterCS license and each of these servers must be covered by this license.

$30.00 / mo for each cluster member server

Create clusters

Build high availability clusters and scale up or down as needed. Web services can be split across multiple servers in order to load balance the traffic and insure redundancy. One or more websites can be deployed and have access to the cluster resources. Multiple clusters can be managed under this ClusterCS license and each server taking part in a cluster must be covered by this fee.

How many stand-alone servers to manage


How many servers for your clusters


Automate your development workflow. Create and migrate between live and development environments while working under the same website URL. All websites on all stand-alone servers and clusters under this ClusterCS license will benefit from these features.

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License & Billing FAQ

How many domains can I have on the Free License?

The Free License is limited to 5 domains and 1 server

What are the differences between the license options

Please check our plans comparison for a detailed view.

Can I modify my license number?

Absolutely. You may upgrade or downgrade your licenses at any time.

Can I have separate license accounts?

Not at the moment but we would love to hear your use case.

What if I change license options partway through the month?

Your account will only be billed for the time the license is active.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged monthly depending on your registration date.

Do you offer yearly payment / volume discounts?

Absolutely, please contact us to schedule a demo and figure out the best pricing for your business.

Do you have more questions?

Our friendly customer support team is here to help