Set up your email for Outlook

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If you want one (or more) email address on your domain, ClusterCS offers an easy way to setup it.

Start by navigating to the Email tab of your domain:

On the Add Email form, you have to set up an email address and a password. The extra options include setting a fixed Inbox size for the email address.

You can also set aliases (In the case of the picture below any mail sent to will be sent to this inbox – example[at]example[dot]org) and forwards (In this case all mails sent to will be also sent to

Remember to press Enter after entering each alias/forward email in order to save it.

Now, you probably want to set an e-mail client for your new e-mail address.

For Outlook, the settings should be as follows (Replace with your own domain):

Select IMAP

Fill in your Account information for Incoming / Outgoing mail :

Incoming IMAP Port: 143

Outgoing SMTP Port: 587

Enter your password and Connect to your account:

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