Speed Engine – Clear Cache

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Clear cache” action allows the definition of a main clear cache URL and to protect it against malicious usage. Use the conditions in the rule to define under which cases this link can be triggered.

This rule allows the definition of a global clear cache mechanism and the links generated for it will trigger clear cache across all the caching engine services involved for this domain (in all the “Cache With” rules).

You can select whether this URL can trigger a clear cache for all NGINX and/or Varnish caching engines by selecting the appropriate check box near “clear NGINX cache” or “clear varnish cache”

The “Clear cache path” field is the actual definition of the clear cache path. Do not confuse this with a “Path” condition that you might select in the conditions area of the rule. That area is there strictly to define (protect) the access to this clear cache URL and any subsequent per zone clear cache URLs defined by the “Cache With” rules. For more information on using “Cache With” and defining per zone clear cache URLs please read the following article “Cache With“.

The actual path will be generated by using the domain name with “Clear cache path” added as path without a trailing slash. If you specify a trailing slash, it will be ignored. Please make sure you take this into consideration when you “Path” conditions to filter access to this action. Also, internal clear cache URLs towards the caching engines involved will be generated by appending paths to this “Clear cache path”, so a “Path” condition should not employ “ends_with” filters or any other combination that would not validate a URL starting with your “Clear cache path” path.

Since ClusterCS handles both single servers and clusters, a clear cache action may require the cache to be cleared on more than one server. ClusterCS facilitates this by generating links which automatically cycle through the caching engines (servers) involved in the rule. This link can be triggered in a browser for an easy clear cache mechanism. This is especially useful when doing development and frequent clear cache actions are required. For environments when a programmatic trigger of clear cache is required, ClusterCS generates a link which provides a json that helps build the required individual URLs to trigger the clear cache action on all the involved servers. These links (both website and json) can be retrieved by clicking the “Get Links” button.

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