What is ClusterCS?

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ClusterCS is a Web-Server Linux Control Panel, compatible with any type of VPS or Dedicated Servers and it focuses on website speed optimizations for small to large scale websites. It can manage from simple single servers to large clusters with the ability to scale up and down as needed.

Our panel includes a large variety of features and services that will provide you the opportunity to simply manage and customize both Single-Server scenarios as well as Cluster environments, such as:

The defining feature of ClusterCS is creating and managing High Availability Cluster environments with a simple and user-friendly GUI. Clustering solutions provide both up and down scalability opportunities by distributing load across multiple nodes.

The Website Speed Booster (SPEED) is another key feature that will optimize content serving and caching with our request routing features based on HAProxy. Nginx, lighttpd and Apache.
You can easily improve the experience of your visitors or SEO by adding caching rules, redirects etc.

Domain and subdomain management

Domain and subdomain management are done in our panel in a matter of clicks. You can easily add or manage domains and their related functionality – databases, users, emails, dns, crons, backups, logs. ClusterCS is the perfect choice for domains with different functionalities as it supports unique configuration for each domain (example: different php versions, different storage locations, databases, backups for each or all the domains with no internal conflicts).

SSL Management

SSL Management which enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server, allowing the server to identify itself to the visitors that access it. We offer the configuration and installation of Let’s Encrypt Certificate in a matter of clicks for your domains/subdomains/aliases with the option to Auto-Renew which will keep your server permanently secured SSL-wise. We also provide the opportunity to install a self-purchased SSL certificate issued by the authorities, managing their valability and status.

Backup Management

BackUp Management to execute backups and scripts at certain periods of time. The backups can be done both local on the server and remote uploaded on a repository/FTP server with the option of being notified via e-mail when a backup job is run. You can set up full or custom backups for files, databases and e-mails with the option of disabling the website during the backup processes and scheduler for the backup to run whenever you need it.

High Availability Clustering

We believe Clustering should be easily accessible for everyone, at ClusterCS we focus on automation and optimization to ensure your business’s performance. Scale your websites and applications up and down as needed, maximize up-time and live up to your customer’s high standards.

Developer Environment

The Developer Environment removes the time consuming action of creating another version of your domain for testing, CMS version updates, plug-in updates etc

This process is usually done by a system administrator who has to copy your domain’s files, export and import the databases on top of all the tweaks needed to simulate a clone of your website for changes that will not affect the live website.

You have the option to Clone, Merge and Push updates for your domain at a press of a button!

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