High Availability Clustering

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The defining feature of ClusterCS is creating and managing High Availability Clusters. All while offering a simple, friendly interface in the Control Panel.

Adding a Cluster will welcome you with the same interface as adding a Single Server. Here, you have to give credentials of every single server, you want to be part of it, and after ClusterCS check the credentials, you can add it to your cluster:

You can also add previously tested servers from the same screen, if you scroll lower:

After you add all your servers to your cluster, you can click “Continue to setup”. Here is an example of a well-balanced one. Your setup may differ, according to your preferences, and this is what’s great about ClusterCS: the flexibility of setups, to accommodate every need.

I will explain the names and modules chosen for each server:

lb – Load balancer, its job is to sort the requests and send them to the right server

db – Database, it will keep the databases and also execute the mySQL queries

st – Storage, it has all the domain files

work – One of the dedicated workers, which serves the actual web content (html/php/etc.)

The layers are already set up using “optimised LAMP”, our recipe of choice for HA Clusters (And even single servers) that specialize in serving web content. Remember, you should assign each layer to the corresponding server(s) by clicking “Manage”.

Firewall – All servers need a strong firewall, no matter their role, so I chose this for all of them

Smart Traffic Manager – Only on lb

Webserver – The worker(s) needs this layer, as it is the only one serving actual web content

Database – Only on db, the others will connect to it

Email – You can have it on any server, it is up to you.

Webmail & Utilities – work, as they do require the apache module to run

Storage – st, this is the main storage for the domains

You can now continue your setup. It takes about 20 minutes for your HA Cluster to have everything installed and be ready for work!

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