Why should you choose ClusterCS?

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ClusterCS is designed to work with any cloud instance, dedicated server or VPS, set up advanced domain access rules, and build High Availability Web Clusters with just a few clicks.

With ClusterCS, you have a platform that unifies all your servers and instances into a single location, making it easy for you to manage them. And it doesn’t matter where your servers are located because we are data-center agnostic. ClusterCS also guarantees faster load speeds and provides you with comprehensive insight and performance metrics for detailed statistics and analytics.

Benefits of ClusterCS

ClusterCS comes with a very beautiful and neat interface that allows for easy operation and navigation. The setup is very fast and easy and all it takes is a single push of a button to get everything started.

Site owners

Site owners will definitely appreciate that ClusterCS is built to run on any VPS or dedicated server and how the system bring their costs down significantly.
If you are managing lots of websites, databases, and emails, you will certainly love ClusterCS. The control panel enables you to take charge of an unlimited number of sites, databases, and emails. There is no need to worry about storage limitations and issues. Automatic backups keep your sites safe and secure.


With ClusterCS, developers don’t have a hard time building development environments. The Advanced Domain Access Rules Manager helps developers achieve full optimization of the site’s performance. With advanced MySQL query reports, it is easy for users to identify performance issues and create the necessary steps to resolve them. Developers also love how they can try different serving architectures in seconds.

System Administrators

For system administrators, ClusterCS enables them to full manage multiple instances efficiently as well as create High Availability clusters. Powerful automation eliminates the risks of human errors and on top of that, the system is capable of monitoring its platform and restart the services should any issue arise.

Our friendly 24/7/365 Support Team is ready to assist you as well!

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