2 Factor Authentication

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You can now make use of the 2 Factor Authentication feature to add another layer of security to your account.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication also known as two-step verification is a security process in which the user is required to enter both his password and the authentication code in order to prove his identity and log-in to the desired service. This second step adds another layer of security as the user gets a newly generated code every time, the chances of having unwanted access reduce drastically.

How does it work?

2FA works similar to your existing login procedure with the addition of a variable to be used with your user ID and password.

Using a mobile app like Google Authenticator or any Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP; specified in RFC 6238) allows you to generate a code each time you want to access your account.

Why should you enable 2FA?

It is recommended that you activate 2FA in order to mitigate the security risks of a password protected only account. Having a complex password (including capital letters, numbers, symbols) along with a “single-use code” will protect your account from malicious or unwanted access.

How to enable 2FA for your account?

1. Log in to your control panel.

2. Download the mobile application based on your phone’s specifications:

Android: Click Here to download!
iOSClick Here to download!

2. Head over to the 2FA Authentication section under your profile icon.

3. Click Enable 2FA

4. Scan the QR code and insert the verification code from the mobile app.

*If you have trouble with your 2 FA Authentication or something has happened to your device and you need a reset, feel free to Contact Us!

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