Server Recipies and Setups

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After ClusterCS successfully connected to your machine, you need to tell our system which modules you want it to install and manage.

We currently have 3 predefined server recipes, each ready to serve web content:
1. Smart web server (optimized LAMP) – this is our signature, recommended setup. It is a High Availability, very scalable solution intended for clusters, as well as single servers. It uses the haproxy load balancer to direct (proxy) the incoming traffic to specialized services: an Apache web server for dynamic content, which includes scripts and the bare web pages, lighttpd for serving static content, images and video, and nginx which serves as a caching layer.
2. Simple LAMP web server– a web server setup, which uses the Apache service in order to serve all the web content, consuming less resources than our optimized LAMP solution in low traffic environments, great for start ups, but it is less scalable than our recommended setup.
3. Nginx-php web server – a mirrored solution for our Simple LAMP web server, but using Nginx instead of Apache.

In addition, all our defined server recipes include: a firewall (Using iptables and fail2ban), mySQL database with phpMyAdmin to manage it, Postfix mail server with roundcube as webmail.
Any recipe can be further customized, in order to server particular needs. Choose the modules that YOU need!
You can visit our modules FAQ for further information on singular modules.

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