Speed Action – URL Redirect

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URL Redirect is a webserver’s functionality to send a user from one URL to another one.
Such redirects usually take the shape of an automated redirect that uses one of a series of status codes that are defined within the HTTP Protocol.

You can now create URL Redirects straight from the SPEED tab.

In order to enable the SPEED URL Redirects rule, head over to the SPEED section:

You can use the example below to create your new rule:

Additional conditions can be added to redirect only certain pages from the site to another URL.
path begin_with /example

If you do not specify http:// or https:// for the destination address, ClusterCS will automatically add http://

After you add the rules and temper the values as needed, proceed to Add Rule & Apply Configuration. 

The rule will automatically become Enabled and it will shortly take effect on your server.

Action explanation:

Destination– The destination URL to which the user is redirected
The “redirect type” filed specifies the redirect code to be used in the response. Available codes are:
301 – Permanent redirect
302 – Temporary redirect
307 – Temporary Redirect and keep method
308 – Permanent Redirect and keep method
Keep path– Only changes the domain name in the URL, keeping everything after the /

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