Getting Started

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Assuming the fact that you have already Created an Account, follow the next 3 simple steps to get started with ClusterCS:

1. Connect your servers

First we need to connect to your server(s).

You can either supply a SSH key or root password for the SSH connection.

2. Configure your custom services or chose a recommended recipe:

You can either select one of our existing recipes or setup your custom services recipe, if you have more advanced DevOps knowledge.

No matter what you can reach out to our friendly Support Team!

3. Add your domain and go LIVE:

ClusterCS gives you the opportunity to manage an unlimited number of domains from the same client-friendly interface.

4. Scale your domain:

Our panel is focused on Website Speed Optimization, the High Availability Clustering tool helps you scale up and down as needed, providing solutions for High Traffic and Fail-over infrastructures.

Pick-up a license and Get Started!

If you require further assistance, please, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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